How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing doesn’t come naturally for everyone, especially for those who aren’t used to writing long essays. You might not know the correct way to write simple things, like a cover letter or a short essay. Here are some ways that can improve your writing skills.

Read, read, read

Start reading everything that you can get your hands on. If you’re not an avid book reader, you can read other things like online articles or magazines that might interest you. When you read, you subconsciously learn the correct way to write, and you will also learn a lot of new words, vocabularies, and expressions. Try setting a goal of reading five lengthy writings of any type per day.


Know the different types of writing structures

Different kinds of writings require different types of writing arrangements. There are usually two categories of writing, which is structured writing and creative writing. Structured writing means that your writing needs to be organized and usually requires you to write in a semi-formal to formal tone. Structured writings include official letters such as application letters and academic essays. Creative writing is basically free writing to your heart’s content, and it doesn’t have any specific structure and only depends on your creativity and freedom of expression. Creative writings


include poetries and short stories.

Practice writing




The old saying that practice makes perfect is true. Practicing to write will enable you to analyze mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat them. It will also get your hands used to writing lengthy papers and practice you to use a broader range of vocabulary. There are many ways to practice writing. You can start a daily journal and write what you did and how you felt at the end of the day. You can also take more notes in meetings or express more writings in your social media, such as tweeting more or writing longer captions.

Try a writing service

You might be confused as to how a writing service can help with your writing skills. You can request any kind of writing to be done by professional writers through writing services. Most people don’t know what is custom essay writing and that’s because people underestimate the importance of writing. Once they are done with your request, you can analyze how their writings are like and use it as a reference. It really is a worthy investment.…


How to learn new language

There are a lot of on line courses to a new language. But only a few,  offers approaches that meet the criteria in addressing styles of learners. Each person learns differently. Thus, it is important to choose an on line course that considers the various learning style of students to reach that knowledge.  Rocket French on line course is one  that offers a kind of approach to  beginners  in learning a new language.  It has techniques that focus on the development of the following skills as a prerequisite for learning the language. Here are few tips to enhance the skills .


Listening Skills

Listening skills is one of the means to effective language communication. Active listening skills will make one understand what the other is saying. In learning a new language, you must have the physical ability to hear. Another is, start learning the new language at your level, don’t skip to the intermediate lesson. Reach the goal by taking the step each time. Next, review the terms used in the conversation in a particular audio clip. In this way, you can get the context of the language utilized in the clip, and key words will be a hint too.


Speaking Skills


It is the aspect of putting your thought into spoken words with correct pronunciation and putting together the words in a meaningful way to convey feelings and opinions. In learning a new language, speaking skills are essential to acquire and use words that are acceptable to the native speakers. But in learning a new language, speaking is an imitation of the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of the native speaker for you to talk correctly and naturally. It is the reason to acquire the listening skill first as a requisite in speaking the foreign language. Speaking will help to achieve fluency, correct grammar and give the motivation to keep learning.


Reading Skills


It is the way to acquire information in language learning. It is decoding the sound of each letter in a word. This skill is vital in comprehension of the new language learned. Reading in native is different from reading the foreign language. It is part of the challenge to read with fluency. Try to use reading materials that are basic with short sentences and ideally with audio clips. Lastly, read materials that you already had in your native language to easily comprehend the foreign text you are reading.


Writing Skills


The writing output is the physical evidence of the achievement of the learner and a way to measure the improvement. Writing skills in the approaches of the Rocket French course consolidate the knowledge gained in the process of learning the new language. In the first activity which is more on listening, the student acquires the meaning of the words heard and used it in speaking, then summarize all the learnings in writing.