Why emotional intelligence matters

Emotional intelligence is all about being extra smart with your own feelings and those of others. It involves the identification and management of your feelings and the ability to help other people deal with their own emotions. Below is an emotional intelligence presentation with a few reasons why emotional intelligence matters to everyone.

Emotional intelligence

It guides decision making


Emotional intelligence is one trait that professionals who want to get unstuck in their careers must consider. Every decision made in life has its consequences. However, those that are emotionally driven tend to have dire consequences. Emotional intelligence is thus crucial in helping people make the right decisions whatever their emotions are. Entrepreneurs, for example, should be able to identify and label the feelings of the consumers of their products correctly. Once this is done, critical decisions can be made regarding the business and its relationship with consumers. The entrepreneur can decide how to remain on the right track towards the achievement of the set goals and objectives without hurting anyone on the way.

It helps in self-perception and expression

Most of us are just shadows of their real selves. We are hardly ourselves in most cases. We react to situations out of anger, thereby jumping from the frying pan into the fire most of the times. Emotional intelligence helps you to understand the person under your skin. It helps in self-awareness, where an individual is able to understand his or her own emotions, drives, values, strengths and weaknesses. It also guides self-regulation where an individual focuses on a certain set of objectives and controls all distractions.

It also helps in stress management

Stress can spoil your life. Whenever you are under stress, you can hardly act as your real self. You make decisions based on your feelings. Ups and downs are a guarantee in life. You just have to prepare to face both. Emotional intelligence helps you learn how to be positive when times are hard.

Emotional intelligence also guides interpersonal relationships

sjkaskjdjkddjdjdWe just noted that emotional intelligence helps in self-awareness and self-regulation. When most people understand their true selves, they tend to impose their way of thinking onto other people. They do so in complete disregard of these people’s emotions. This is a grievous mistake. As a professional, the way you relate to other people matters a lot. In the business environment, you have to know how to treat your clients in a way that they feel appreciated and loved. People want more than what they deserve. They want to see your smile irrespective of the situation. Emotional intelligence empowers you with the knowledge on how to build satisfying relationships with everyone in the society.

If you want to benefit from all these advantages of emotional intelligence, get in touch with a certified emotional intelligence facilitator. Enroll for an online course by such a facilitator and follow it to the end. When you complete it successfully, you will be a different person. A better person. More prepared to face any challenge of the day with a smile on your face.…